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Construction Pest Control

TERMICON specialises in the preventative aspect of Termite and weed control.

Basic overview of preventative Termite treatments:

Preventative termite treatment in the construction sector is called Pre-construction Soil Poisoning.

As per SABS/SANS building codes of practice, Termite proofing must be done to the Trenches, Bases and Surface beds of a building before concrete is cast. This treatment then creates a “barrier” between the ground area and building, preventing any Termite infestation over the allotted treatment plan chosen.

The standard treatment plan comes with either a five (5) or ten (10) year treatment certificate.

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    Why is Termite treatment so important?

    Termites, if not treated can cause severe damage to a building.

    The diagram below, will give you some insight on why Termite Treatment is so important to you.


    Termites frequently live under patio, garage, porch and carport floors where they are almost impossible to find, away from any natural predators.


    Cavities/Breathing spaces built into bricks and concrete walls give Termites sealed runways into your home


    Termite tubes/tunnels can sometimes follow chimneys and pipes upstairs to the roof area


    Cabinets and bookcases (including books) are Termite targets.


    Termites can cause damage to a roof, as they feed on the timber in the roof. If this is not treated it could cause structural damage and eventually cause a roof to collapse.


    Termites eat many things besides wood e.g. curtains, clothing, stored papers and other natural materials


    Crawl spaces under a building can be points of entry. Mud tunnels up the sides connect soil with substructure, making it the direct entrance in to a building.


    Untreated wood in contact with the ground is a sure and welcome mat to attract Termites in to your home.


    Termites can eat through joists, subfloor, flooring and carpeting, Termites occasionally attack furniture.


    Drain and water pipes have enough room around them to let Termites move along them and in to your building. Tunnels many meters long are often found up the sides of pipes in to buildings.


    Concrete foundations and floors have many entry points -Tiny settlement cracks, expansion joints, electrical service portals. Flaws you won’t notice are spacious for Termites.

    Who to call for Termite Treatments and advice:

    Whether it is Pre-Construction Soil Poisoning, Termite prevention or termites in existing homes or buildings, Termicon’s Pest Control Team is the company which offers you a complete Termite treatment plan and will issue you the required Pest Control treatment certificate which is used in your completion file for site handover.

    All our operators are professionally trained in-house and by third party specialists in the Pest control field. All our operators are also licenced with the Department of Agriculture (Act 36 of 1947).

    Contact our specialist Pest Control department for a Free Termite quotation and advice.