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Termite Control in Randburg

We understand the damage and trouble that invasive termites and weeds can do to your home and property. Whether you are looking for an all encompassing termite and weed control specialist in Randburg or researching annual preventative termite and weed control treatments, our dedicated team of experts understand and know how to effectively and safely, offer a solution to you.

Our specialist pest & weed control treatments in Randburg include:

Domestic Pest Control – bringing things closer to comfort, if there are termites and weed infestations in Randburg and your community, there is a very strong possibility that they could be hiding in your home, causing unseen risks and damage to your premises and family. Our registered operators use only the highest quality methods and chemicals useful to eradicating pests, keeping the health and safety of your home at the forefront of our minds.

Industrial Pest Control – Termites are an often unseen liability to your buildings and property. From furniture damage to your support structures, restaurants, factories, schools and more are not exempt from these troublesome and damaging bugs that can cost thousands of rands in damage. From detecting a colony or deterring future ones, our termite and weed control team in Randburg has the extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure that no matter how big or small, we are getting the job done.

Pre-Construction Termite and Weed Proofing – as specialists in soil poisoning and weed control in the construction sector, we have treated over 26000 buildings to date against harmful termites. We pride ourselves in being one of the only companies who can offer you a solution almost immediately and long-term maintenance plans from pre to post construction with either an impressive 5 or 10 year treatment certificate.

Our focus is to treat any kind of pest infestation and share safe and environmentally sustainable pest & weed control solutions for long term results, no matter how big or small. As leading termite and weed control specialists in Randburg, we are using our industry experience to offer preventative treatments and exceptional service to you today – find out more about how our 19+ years of pest control knowledge can safely and efficiently help you.

Termite & weed control services in Johannesburg:

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