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Termite control in The EastRand

Do you feel like pests are taking over your home and business premises? Not to worry! We are giving you excellent reasons to call in our convenient and locally based Termicon termite, pest and weed control team. With unparalleled dedication, competitive pricing and great references, our Eastrand pest control team is focused on finding and ridding your properties of Termites and pests, putting a stop to their potential damage.  

Do you know what type of pest is living in your space for free?

We give you some clues as what to look out for:

Termites can be found in and around any types of wooden structures around your premises, from skirting’s, built-in cupboards, window frames, doorframes and the garden area. Termites can set up residence and form their new colonies near or in your home. As typically noisy eaters, putting your ear near a wooden wall or structure and hearing a clicking sound might be your first clue to guests overstaying their welcome. Have you noticed an increase in flying termites and their left behind wings? Or are you struggling to open window frames and seeing tunnels in wood? 

Weeds are generally easier to spot. Weeds can lead to a quick and unpleasant spread while being invasive and harmful to your construction plans, crops or lead to an overwhelming and unsightly garden. Plants from nurseries, hardware stores or plant sharing are an easy way for weeds to make their way onto your property. 

Pests can be spotted easily. From an influx of seasonal pests to the inability to go a day without spotting them. Whether you are spotting insects on your windowsills, ants sharing your pet’s food or have the slight suspicion that you have some bugs who have set up residence, pest control can put your mind at ease when it comes to bugs and critters in your home. 

What our Eastrand pest control team offers you: 

  • Knowledge – our highly experienced teams are here to successfully rid your properties of invasive termites, weeds and pests. Our goal is to also educate you, our valued client, on how to keep bothersome pests away, and diminishing the accompanying impact to the surroundings they have nested in.  
  • Passion – our experienced teams can track down even the hardest to find Termite infestations. With years of experience in what to look for, our team can stop a future problem before they become even bigger. 
  • Excellent Service – While we come to you, we also schedule our fast and effective pest treatment at a time that is convenient for you. 
  • Certified Experts – our licensed operators are active members with the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA). 
  • Quality Products – We only use SABS/SANS approved pesticides, herbicides and Termiticides that are effective, yet safe for your family, employees and pets. 

Contact our pest and termite control team in the Eastrand and its surrounds today!

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