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Termite Control in Sandton

Termites, pests and weeds are a serious nuisance to buildings and the damage that they can actually cause. With Termites living in colonies, we take a look at why it can be difficult to control and remove a Termite infestation and why it is so important to get termite and weed control in Sandton and its surrounding areas.

Termites – Colonies can be made up of hundreds of millions of individuals – the sheer number of them may be hard to ensure that all of the individuals have been tended to and the issue completely removed. This is where a professional team would need to step in. Tracing the main Termite colony of these damaging creatures, termites cause millions of rands of damage a year to homes and structures, living and thriving before they are even detected.

A termite specialist in Sandton can help you rid your property of these insects.

Weed Control – Not only being unsightly, weeds can interfere with your landscaping, vegetable garden or beautiful trees. Competing with resources, weeds also bring about insects, damage to property and thorns and burrs that may be harmful to you, your family and pets. Our Termicon team in Sandton knows the best time of the year to get weeds under control and offer pre-construction preparation if you are looking to build.

Pest Control – Besides termites and weeds, we are looking at a variety of pests that love the comfortable climate in the hub of Johannesburg, from mice to flies, cockroaches and ants, all pests that we do not want bringing in harsh bacteria and diseases in to our homes, restaurants or work spaces.

Why call in the professionals? First and foremost is to correctly identify the types of weeds, pests and termites in your home, office and building spaces. Our Termicon team can find the source of the infestation and apply the correct treatment and prevention plan to give you long standing results and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Using only the highest quality termite, weed and pest control solutions, our team shares their expert advice and maintenance plans from the start of building and construction to long term pest management solutions in Sandton. For more information on our pest control services, contact us today –

Termite & weed control services in Johannesburg:

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