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Termite Control in Fourways

Are your termites, weeds or pests getting out of control in Fourways? Our Termicon team is conveniently located so that you can get fast, thorough and knowledgeable service from the experts in your area. With over 19 years of pest control knowledge, our team is familiar and highly skilled in Termite eradication and treatments of common pests in the Fourways.

Do any of these pests sound like they have set up territory in your Fourways home?

Termites – these noisy eaters make their homes by burrowing in your wooden pieces. Whether that be a tree or your roof beams. Their colonies can vary from a few thousand termites to millions of them gnawing away at your home for years before they become noticeable. Termites can cause damage to all the wooden items inside your home.

Harvester Termites – unfortunately, termites not only wreak havoc on your home or office, but your lawn and garden too. Are you seeing visible dead patches of grass. Nesting in your soil, Harvester Termites loosen your soil and grow their colonies. Are you noticing seasonal flying termites? They’re looking for a new place to start a new colony! Calling in the experts can prevent long term damage on your premises from pests.

Ants – usually a very common pest to spot, Ant colonies can too vary in size. From spotting a few here and there to finding your pets food invaded at every meal time. Considering their small size, ants are surprisingly tricky to get rid of. When ants enter your home, other ants follow. We effectively block off entry points and create a resistant barrier that is safe for you and your loved ones.

Weeds – while this may seem like a fairly unusual one to think of, we know the extent of damage and spread that weeds can cause. Whether they are damaging your foundation, damaging your swimming pool, taking over your grass or are uncontrollable on your paving – we have powerful and long lasting weed treatment solutions.

Our tried and tested applications ensure that you get effective termite and weed control where you need it most, in the safest way possible. We strive to protect each environment we work in with new and safer pesticides, creating awareness on environmentally sustainable prevention methods. Contact us now and get your free quote from our pest and weed control team servicing Fourways daily.

Termite & weed control services in Johannesburg:

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