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Termite Control in Witbank and Middelburg

Your house and office space may be housing undetected and unwarranted termites, pests and weeds. Whether you are looking to prepare land for construction, ridding a current pest invasion or have a slight suspicion that there might be more termites in your home than you had anticipated – calling in our professional pest control team in Witbank and Middelburg can save you a lot of time and money. With more than two decades of Pest Control knowledge, our licensed operators: 

How We Track and Locate Pests in Witbank & Middelburg

Our experienced specialists find the hub of the termites or pests and assess the level of treatment needed to get rid of unwanted pests in your home, workspaces and surrounding areas. We find where the termites are coming from and where the colonies are nesting. The initial assessment of the pest invasion then decides the barriers and course of treatment needed to prevent any further damage and spread of termites, weeds and pests in your home. 

While your home and properties may appear clean, our pest control operators take notice of small holes, hollow sounding furniture, several little tell-tale signs left by termites and more, through doing a thorough inspection. When identifying termites, the first step is to identify the type of termites we are up against:

  • Subterranean termites are found under ground and burrow into your home and office from underground. 
  • Subterranean termites are also found around wood items around your property.
  • Harvester Termite termites enjoy your outside lawns but can also make their way in to your building through small cracks and along wires/pipe ducts to feed on items inside the building.
  • Dry wood termites are not typically found in the Witbank or Mpumalanga area.

Remove – Now that the infestation has been identified, the treatment plan can be put in to place. Treating the affected areas, treating the perimeter of your property or putting in preventative measures to deter seasonal pests and termite colonies, all while ridding your home of the potential destruction and contamination associated with pests. 

Follow up – Our pest specialists in Witbank and Middelburg will let you know the extent and necessary treatments to keep your premises pest, termite and weed free. Depending on the type of pest we are working with, we may apply an initial treatment and follow up in a stipulated and suitable time frame.

Our experience of having worked on some of South Africa’s largest building contracts and over 9000 successful projects, our Termicon team in Witbank and Middelburg guarantees exceptional service and quality in all your termite, weed and pest control needs. 

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