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Termite Control in Johannesburg

Calling in the professional Termite, weed and pest control team ensures that you are treating the cause and managing the effects of these troublesome little pests in your family home or professional workplace. We at Termicon pride ourselves on excellent service, our long-standing professional history, licensed operators, SABS/SANS approved pesticides and herbicides and highly competitive prices. 

Services offered by our Johannesburg Termicon team

  • Termite treatment– Termites are invasive insects that can cause a vast amount of damage to your building and belongings. Thriving in wooden furniture and frameworks, termites build their homes and slowly and quietly destroy your property, often without immediate or noticeable signs of damage. Our team identify and treat these kinds of invasions to ensure your property maintains its structural integrity and prevent further termite invasions.
  • Termite prevention – this is the process of getting our team in to put family friendly barriers in place to deter termites from establishing colonies on your premises before they cause a much larger issue or damage your homes ceiling structure, beautiful gardens or valuable furniture. 
  • Pre-construction termite proofing – Are you preparing land for a new build or new renovations? SABS/SANS buildings codes of practice requires treating the soil beforehand, which provides an effective barrier to prevent and repel Termites from approaching and invading your building site and development. 
  • Treatment and inspection certificates – often necessary in Deed of Sales. When selling your property, certain establishments within South Africa require clearance certificates. These are becoming more and more a requirement for establishments to ensure the buyer is taking over a property which is clear of wood destroying organisms.
  • Weed control – weeds can quickly creep up and spread over your paving, tar, substations, yards, around buildings, sports fields and more. Our SANBS approved products and licenced weed control team ensure that the right weed removal is implemented for long-term and satisfactory results.
  • Domestic and commercial pest control – treating your home and work sites to keep a clean, pest free kitchen, termite free building or stopping weeds from overcrowding your driveway, our team offer simple, efficient and impressive pest control services designed to your environment. 

For more information to get in touch with your local Johannesburg team, simply fill in your details on our contact us form and our expert team will be in touch with you. Want to get in touch sooner – message us now! 

Termite & weed control services in Johannesburg:

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