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Termite Control in Bryanston

Termites and weeds are a challenge to any home and garden. We make it our business to ensure your home and office in Bryanston have one less thing to worry about and long term peace of mind when it comes to Termite control.

With so many positive reasons to call in professional pest control specialists, we look how our Bryanston based pest control team can assist you: 

Protecting your structure – First and foremost, we start with the foundation. Whether you are looking at your existing structure, renovating or planning on starting with construction soon, weeds and invasive termites are a very real threat to the integrity of your foundation quality and alteration plans.

Building codes of practise – adhering to SABS/SANS building codes of practise, termite proofing must be done to various aspects of the building process before concrete can be cast, this includes termite proofing to the trenches, bases and surface beds of the building to effectively create a preventative barrier with a 5 or 10 year treatment certificate.

Maintain your garden and landscaping – whether you are an avid gardener or trying your hand at your own vegetable garden, weeds and termites are a very real and possible threat to your garden in the Bryanston suburbs. Preventative treatment means that your garden, lawn and trees are at their very best year round, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Prevention of damage to your pool and paving – while pools are generally surrounded by stones, paving and walkways, weeds can leave your paving looking unsightly and potential damage to your swimming pool. Effective weed control is safe to your property, environment and most importantly, your family.

Sustainable maintenance plan – having a thorough understanding of where pests like to hide and their behavioural patterns in the local climate, we know when it is best to stop an infestation from getting out of control and ways to reign in and treat already established termite colonies and pesky weeds.

You can request a call back from our highly recommended local team. Save yourself time and DIY testing. We use only the highest grade, safety tested pest, termite and weed treatment solutions in Bryanston. Want to know more? Fill in your details on our contact us form and our highly recommended team will be in touch with you.

Termite & weed control services in Johannesburg:

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