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Disinfecting and Sanitizing in Gauteng

Do you need to Disinfect and Sanitize your home or building?

The process of treating a building is quick, efficient and with minimum disruption to you, your home, shop, office or warehouse.
We can treat cars, taxis, trucks, houses, offices, shops or warehouses.
All that we require from you is a short treatment time and ask that you stay outside the treated area for two (2) hours as prescribed by the SaniGuard label and guidelines.
Termicon makes use of commercial ULV fogging machines (Ultra Low Volume) to generate a cold fog mist of disinfectant to cover all surface areas, for a fast and efficient treatment.
Using SaniGuard,
“A broad-spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer and fungicidal to be atomised. It is active against a wide range of poultry viruses, bacteria, fungi, and others as per list”
“The formulation of SaniGuard includes bio-oil mixtures. The mixture of bio-oils is a vital component for the efficacy of the fogging or misting system enabling for an extended period of floatation, allowing for maximum contact time and further reach, thus higher killing rates.
This system has been largely tested and shown to have high success kill rates on pathogens, and yet at low toxicity rates.”
“SaniGuard has excellent biodegradability and consequently, low environmental impact”

 Excerpts taken from SaniGuard Product label


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