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Why is preventative termite control important?

Termites are small wood eating insects that survive by eating on wooden structures like furniture, wooden floors, cupboards, skirtings or lawns and this causes a lot of damage and can be a nuisance to the tenant or homeowner of a property.

Once termites move into a building or garden permanently, the damage can be extensive and greater effort must then be put in to get rid of the termites because termites can infest your skirtings, wooden floors and lawns.

If, for example you installed wooden floors first and then get an infestation of termites afterwards without any prior termite control, it can be very difficult to treat the wooden floor and get rid of the termites, as the floors must be treated in a very specific and specialised way to ensure the wooden floor do not get damaged.

With preventative termite control you can call a professional pest control company to treat your ground base under the concrete or wooden floors before they are laid in the construction phase of your project. This ensures the entire base of the house or building is treated with soil poisoning to prevent future infestations by termites which will make a major difference in the effort and risk of future termite infestations. Tt is advantageous to do the termite control before the floors are installed.

Soil poisoning refers to the termite treatment being applied to the base of the floor before any further layers are installed. Soil poisoning should be done by a professional pest control company and Licenced pest control operator.

We at Termicon specialise in all termite related treatments which also include the preventative termite control treatment, sometime referred to as soil poisoning.


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