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The Importance of Hygiene Services

Hygiene services have become a must-have in our current and on-going climate as South African’s continue to face another scary and unknown wave of Covid-19. The need for clean and healthy environments that are free from harmful germs, bacteria and Pathogens are vital to keep your loved ones and employees safe. We’re looking at the importance of ensuring that your surfaces are safe from infection and how sanitising your home and office is part of our much spoken about new normal. 

Home Sanitizing 

Cleaning your home from visible day-to-day mess and sanitising your home are different in effectiveness and eliminating unwanted germs and bacteria that can impact our family and work from home life. With children in classrooms, families using public transport and the general wariness when heading to the shops, hygiene and sanitising services will give you the peace of mind to know that your home is a safer household with preventative contamination measures in place. Ensuring that high-quality, effective and reliable sanitisation and disinfection practices are done correctly to give you the trust and dependable service that you are looking for.

Office Sanitising

Making your office and workspaces safer during the current health crisis is important to warrant that your employees and their extended families are safe and protected by ensuring that disinfecting preventative measures are in place, offering some level of safety and protection. As the novel Coronavirus continues to adapt and evolve, with the third-wave very much upon us, good hygiene and sanitising habits and routines can greatly reduce and eliminate contamination surfaces in your office and factory.

Cleaning vs Disinfecting 

To simply put it, we’re thinking of cleaning as sweeping at the end of a long day, which is not to say that cleaning products are not making a huge impact on what they are designed to do. Sanitising and disinfecting however is an intentional process to lessen and remove harmful pathogens through various techniques, using specialised materials and products to ensure the best results in doing so.

  • Has someone near you tested positive for Coronavirus?
  • Are you adhering to all Covid-19 protocols at the office? 
  • Is your family at risk of being exposed to Coronavirus?

Professional hygiene and sanitising services are nearby to you from our local Termicon team. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and know that our treatment methods, products and team are trained and equipped to give you the assurance and confidence you are looking for when it comes to hygiene services.

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